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They offer discussion of such topics as fiction and fable in classical poetry and in the Bible ; the ethical effects and purpose of literature; authorship and authority; the function of biography in literary interpretation; stylistic and didactic modes of writing; literary form and structure; allegory and literal-historical sense; symbolism; imagination and imagery; the semiotics of words and things, the moralization of classical texts; the status of poetry within the hierarchy of the human arts and sciences; and the prestige and purpose of vernacular literature.

The selections are fully annotated and provided with introductions which form a linked series of essays towards the history of medieval literary theory and criticism.

Passar bra ihop. Essays on Ricardian Literature A J Minnis Essays on Ricardian Literature develops issues and themes first broached in John Burrow's ground-breaking book Ricardian Poetry and incorporates a bibliography of his published writings, which have revolutionized critical appreciation of medieval Recensioner i media.

The Spirit of England. By Stephen Medcalf. Edition 1st Edition.

Essays on Ricardian literature: in honour of J.A. Burrow

First Published Imprint Routledge. John A.

Duggan Dublin: Four Courts Press, Bloomfield Lectures, , ed. Susanna Fein Kalamazoo, Mich.

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Minnis, Charlotte C. Keith Busby and E. Kooper Amsterdam: Benjamins, David E.