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While rap certainly arrived in France in forms of cultural appropriation, it really began to gain velocity and power from the underprivileged youth living in communities similar to communities of rappers In America. The new rap artists closely resembled their American counterparts like rap group NWA.

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The contents of the lyrics involved a lot of anti-establishment prose, in that most rappers spoke on the discrimination they faced, both socially and systemically. The song describes the hardships dealing with violence and crime on an average day in Paris ghetto. The urban French rappers were separated by more than just wealth and socioeconomic class though. Rap and hip-hop was becoming a power to be accessed by the French black community as well. This happened because large portions of the black community were Arabs who had emigrated from North Africa Knox The oppression the Arab minorities faced became a popular subject in rap lyrics.

Throughout Europe, in fact, rap and hip-hop continued to speak for marginalized groups. The implementation of hip-hop and rap into the culture of Turkish youths in Germany further shows how much the power of the genre transcends black communities alone. In the middle of the twentieth century, many Turkish people began to immigrate to Germany for work.

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The Turkish immigrants were met with absolute alienation due to cultural and linguistic barriers. German society did not seem to have much patience for the Turkish assimilation process.

Over the next few decades, the Turkish community began to settle in in Germany but lived at a disadvantage. In addition to the emotional and physical pain experienced by being treated as second-class citizens, the Turkish people had minimal exposure to decent education even though many struggled with illiteracy. The third generation of Turkish immigrants, in particular, all born in Germany by this point, struggled with employment opportunities because many of their parents did not finish school.

It was this generation of Turkish people, people who were born into an alienating country and who were disconnected from their native culture, that brought rap and hip hop to Germany Ickstadt This new art form that arose in Germany did not stray far in message or intention as it did in France or the United States. The Turkish-German rap often spoke out on the social discrimination and stereotyping of Turkish-German youth.

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Furthermore, once the hip-hop scene was established in Germany, many rappers worked to encourage many Turkish youth to stay off the streets and work hard in school Ickstadt I, The Daily Show, Sep Consequently, privileged people who try to take part in the genre but have had no societal hardships to endure lack authenticity in their performance and thus appropriate hip-hop culture in that instance.

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We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? Review of the Matrix Movie Essay. What is Motown and what is Soul music? What makes them similar and what makes them different? Tupac Shakur Essays. Willy Loman Essays. Through his art he has given people a sense of belonging and history.

Music and art reduce feelings of loneliness, depression and isolation since they offer a sense of security to an individual, as they find themselves related to a singer, an artist or a writer that produced a piece of work in which they find meaning in.

Most teenagers in society usually find themselves in such a desperate state where they can not seem to talk to anyone and feel misunderstood and lonely. However, when they turn on the radio, open up an art book or even sit to watch a movie, they may find themselves staring at a piece of art, or a poem in which portrays an isolated individual that similarly feels misunderstood. Additionally, an individual may hear a song that is made up of a beautiful melody that is accompanied by mesmerizing lyrics in which they may find themselves singing along, and healing through their troubles.

Such influential pieces of work only guide the individual to finding even more peace by embracing their own artistic side. Expressing yourself through rough or soft brush strokes enhances your feelings whether it is anger, or love. An individual may feel vulnerable at first having all their insecurities and weaknesses laid out in front of them, on a canvas or a piece of paper. However, this only makes an individual stronger and may influence other individuals in the future, generation after generations to do the same. Art and music are very influential in a society.

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People can identify their culture through a piece of music or a piece of writing. For example, Greece is largely identified by the many sculptures of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, now resting in museums. Greek songs are traditional and very unique, as they are well known for their special instruments, like the mandolin. A very well known Greek called Kavafis, is a great author that writes poems of his deep love for another, enhancing Greece's history through his writing, having a large effect on everyone all over the world.

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All his poems contain the history of Greece and widely teaches everyone of the past, through metaphors. This leaves every greek astonished and proud knowing that one of their own has had such an influence on the world.

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