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An example of a causal transition used in a sentence would be:. In the first, second, third, etc.

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An example of a sequential transition would be:. We should teach that words are best understood as convenient tools for handling reality Finally , we should teach widely that new words can and should be invented if the need arises.

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Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It's important to make sure transitional words fall naturally into your composition. Review the sentences below to see how the transition words make the writing flow better. Take a look at these sentences without, and then with, transition words.

List of Transition Words

Note the difference the transitions make. This will help you see how they can tie our thoughts together more cohesively. Carla couldn't sleep the night before her big presentation. She needed an extra large cup of coffee before work. Therefore , she needed an extra large cup of coffee before work.

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Jeffrey, we'll be ready to leave for the trip in 20 minutes. In the meantime , fill up the car with gas please.

The trip through the desert was long and tiring for the crew. They all agreed it was worth it. Afterward , they all agreed it was worth it.

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Denise decided to stop doing her homework. She failed freshman English. Consequently , she failed freshman English. Open daily for drinks, light bites and dining, Caribbean Kitchen is a place to find engaging conversation with like-minded guests, and a central spot for seeking support from our team.

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