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Even if acceptance of racial words by their target groups has some negative components, it is eventually the only practical option available to them because it is the only option that fights back rather than just trying to resist. The claim that approval of racial words by their targets is becoming popular, at least in the sense it is frequently used, is far from the truth. In other contexts, this word carries other meanings, but this particular context proves that it need not relate to the same group with every use.

Words as Naylor mentions are nothing more than "a nonsensical arrangement of sounds or letters that assigns meaning. Christine Leong adds on this with the statement that "Language has the ability to heal or to harm, to praise or belittle, to promote peace or even to glorify hate. Even when the racial words are used by the original target groups, this still serves to distinguish the group from others.

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Christine Leong states that this is not always bad "In some ways it has helped us find a certain comfort in each other, each of us knowing what the other has gone through, a common thread of racism. These words normally used to offend the person should not be used, not even by their targets because this way racism will never end and there will always be conflicts in humanity everyone is the same regardless of sex, age, skin colour, race, language, height and for that fact we should all be treated equally.

Every word has a meaning. To different people, words mean different things and have different effects. And also words mean different things coming from different people. Words and language are strong tools that we use in our everyday life.

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In the essay "Meaning of a Word" Gloria Naylor discusses how a word can mean different things to different people in different situations. Naylor discusses how a word like "nigger" can go from having a positive to a negative meaning due to how it is spoken and by whom. In her essay, the author tells us about her personal experience. She describes the first time she heard the word "nigger".