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The purpose of this paper is to discuss central concepts in ethical leadership and ethical competence in a diverse workplace and within organizational cultures. Second, I will discuss the roles of ethical leadership and ethical competence in the workplace. Better Essays words 3. What does it mean to lead in an ethical manner. Components of ethical leadership framework The above showed how ethics and ethical behaviour could manifest in a number of different ways.

Therefore, ethical leadership requires a solid framework to work After thinking for while about what I was missing I came up with three actions methods that would help me accomplish my goals. The methods I found most important are the proactive method, motivation method, and goal-oriented method. I realized that at this moment of my life I am lacking these methods Better Essays words 2. Ethics depends on time, culture, and laws. Every organization has ethical and moral guidelines stipulated through their policies, rules and regulations.

A leader who is honest and trustworthy can be said as an ethical leader. But it depends on how the behavior is reflected in the organization and the employees Better Essays words 4. Strong Essays words 4 pages Preview. Ethical leadership involves leading in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of others. Ethical decision making and leadership are the basis of ethical organizations.

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Leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers. The foundation of this relationship is trust. The leaders themselves must be ethical in their decisions and actions in order to influence others to behave accordingly Strong Essays words 4. Ethical leaders usually motivate their employees to work hard. In that regard, ethical leadership requires a cocktail of ethical values ranging from rationality to independent and critical thinking.

Most organizations nowadays have ethical leaders responsible for the good relationship among the members. Ethical leaders are usually more concerned about the welfare of other people rather than other motives.

My focus on ethical leaders will be on corporate leaders, specifically chief executive officers The purpose of their article is to share their thoughts on police leadership and ethic, they feel by having just one powerful confident police leader in a department it can have a positive impact on that police department by reducing the rate of misconduct To any organizations, leadership plays an important role to empower another people to follow them. Therefore, ethical leadership can be defined as the process of impacting people through rules, principles, beliefs and values. I recognized that every leaders tend to have a highly ethical in their business practices.

Ethical leadership will help leaders to lead their employees as legitimate Strong Essays words 3. Yes, they were all in high ranking leadership positions, worked for very large companies, and were men. Unfortunately for the companies they worked for, they also lacked any sense of ethical leadership. Ethics are very important in the business world, and managers need to do all they can to hire and retain ethical people. What is an ethical leader Many characteristics come into play for leaders to be effective when dealing with simple to chaotic issues This kind of foresight should be the starting point in order to manage the tremendously growing diversity in the workforce nowadays.

Leaders and administrators of both public and private organizations through their influence are responsible to promote and manage diversity in an ethical manner Grace-Full leaders are more concerned with spirit than style The articles however, vary in their deafferentation in their predictions of implications on future research directions but proves the tested hypothesis with accurate knowledge on personality and gender.

Taylor and Pettie suggest that conscientiousness and core self-evaluation moderate the negative relationship between ethical leadership and workplace incivility Better Essays words 5. At the time I started to study culture and diversity of leadership I had culture difficulties at my current place of work as a high level coach. We had recently hired a new male coach who would work alongside me to coach our senior athletes.

Before he started we had set clear priorities for our competitive teams which included our club culture to support others with in the club, to respect the sport of gymnastics and to install a hard working regime so that we deserved good result in the following season The recurring theme of relational leadership allowed me to critically analyze myself and the extent of which I personally live up to its intended benefits.

Perhaps the biggest realization for me throughout the course of the semester was my strength in leading ethically but my inability to diversify.

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As the past leader of a religious youth group, I believe that I have done well in staying true to ethical leadership, however I have also seen how differences in belief and culture can make individuals feel, especially if they are an odd one out What is ethics. Sims explained ethics as a rule of behavior based on what is the moral way to act about what is right or wrong p.

The second question is who forms the ethics in an organization. It could be the founders or owners of an organization that form an ethics or code of conduct. It is document that explains the rules of interactions between members of an organization and the rules about how an organization will deal with the public they serve; the clients, the vendors, in short the stakeholders Strong Essays words 5 pages Preview.

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However, not all leaders are ethical leaders. Nonetheless, not every ethical person is a leader. Indeed, there are many people that are both ethical and a leader, in fact, I believe that Malcom X was an Ethical leader. Personally, I believe ethical leaders must have a purpose that is both morally correct and inspires many. It is a concept that many have come to see as important as leaders do have a very big role to play when it comes to driving teams in the right direction.

Leaders must have high ethical standards to be able to manage and work effectively. Ethical leadership is the core of a great organization; a leader bears the greatest responsibility in the overall direction of an organization and that applies to ethics as well This paper will address some of the ethical issues that plagued Enron and eventually led to its fall.

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The Enron Corporation was committed to pushing the legal limit as far as possible. Many individuals only seeking to promote their own well-being over any legal or ethical boundaries did this. Recently, leadership, specifically ethical leadership, in the spotlight and are of primary concern. Every component of leadership and its characteristics are being scrutinized and dissected. The scarcity of "respect, honesty, integrity, and trust at the management level of any organization is disastrous for any business Lakshmi, , In the case of Patagonia, due to its ethical leadership and moral corporate governance any issues that may arise from legal disobedience, or unethical behavior will be dealt with objectively, fairly, and swiftly However, through personal experience, I have concluded that leadership can come in many forms and position as well as from multiple sources of roles and job titles both with and without power.

Based on the definition of leadership, anyone can be considered a leader as long as they have the ability to influence people to achieve a particular result or goal which benefits the organization or group as a whole A true leader helps motivate followers into seeing the future of the organization and breaks down the true vision to make it understandable by all. Leadership includes motivating, teaching, coaching, building on the diversity within an organization, helping, directing, and many other aspects Motivation is an important aspect of transformational leadership, as you want your subordinates to share your same ideas and goals.

However, for me finding the right way to motivate my subordinates is difficult, especially when the task proves to be challenging. At times it seems easier to switch from transformational leadership to pseudo transformational leadership, which allows for my personal interest to come before my followers and removes my authenticity from leadership The action is the most important factor in my philosophy because one can not be a leader if one does take action to become a leader. I feel that as the years go on I will gain enough knowledge and wisdom to become a great leader.

Acquiring leadership skills is something that I hope to continue to attain in order to become a leader. The National Organization for Human Services Standards helped me to create my ethical leadership policy in which I intend to follow in the upcoming years In essence, positive-reinforcement of any type of behavior will drive the continuation of that behavior whether it is good or bad, especially when it comes to leadership.

Caldwell and Clapham wrote that trustworthiness is the keystone in the development of trust. Term Papers words 5. Each culture represented in the workplace brings its own set of values, beliefs, and practices to the work environment. While this diversity can be used as a source of competitive advantage, it can also present a challenge when it comes to organizational leadership.

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When this occurs, I know I must first identify what the ethical dilemma actually is before I can proceed to a sound decision. Once I've firmly interpreted what the ethical dilemma is, I can then analyze all the factors that relate to the dilemma. There many ethical dilemmas factors, a couple include pressure to turn a blind eye to ethically questionable practices and overly ambitious to do unethical acts. Once I have considered all of the consequences of each possible decision, including the best and worst outcomes of my decision, I should then be able to make a decision that I am most comfortable with the outcome This kind of leadership qualities must be exerted in their everyday talk, actions, and conduct in the work environment.

It displays the values that each of us hold near to us in regards to ethical leadership. My leadership framework effectively establishes the important personal values that allow me to effectively lead myself and others towards success. One of the first values established in my leadership framework is Planning for the future.

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Planning for the future allows me to lead myself by ensuring that I am aware of all possibilities in the future as well as any future situations I may find myself in Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. When I look at the ethical leadership that is nonexistent, and the creative leadership that creates the images during the studied time, it was obvious that the images created were not written by people who looked and understood the characters if they were living life in those created positions These basic skills and principles are all centered around the fundamental tenant of leadership.

Of course, with leadership, strong ethics must also be instilled to avoid situations that have previously destroyed companies like Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco to name a few Great leaders develop people. I always remember this saying every time I am working in a group or if I am given a task to lead a team. Carrying out moral and ethical leadership is much more complex when carried out in the day to day operations in life.

This is particularly poignant when righting a wrong, or redeeming a situation to help in a process of improvement. Dineen, Lewicki and Tomlinson p. It is a study of the moral behaviour of individuals and sets out a code of conduct as to how humans should act in a given situation.

Contemporary ethics links the basic ideology of ethics with various other disciples of philosophy. Global dynamics have changed over the years. The way people think and behave, their sense of right and wrong, their views on the good and the bad, all of this has changed over time Powerful Essays words 4.

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Williams GEN Personal Leadership Philosophy My vision is to lead a family into a very successfully integrated life with the community and to help others in the community as an occupational safety officer. In order to best serve the community and my family as their servant-leader, I need to implement several areas of leadership development.

First of all, I must have a good guide for decision-making. Taking in mind my vision, my decision-making should be most importantly focused on safety Ethics plays a major part in society and it is the way people behave in certain situations, over the years it has come under the spotlight through numerous situations. In this essay I will discuss whether a written code of ethics combined with ethics training is more effective than strong ethical leadership and vice versa These moral and ethical decisions should follow the guiding principles for avoiding conflicts of interest, respecting company property and assets, honoring privacy, vendor relations, promoting respectful behavior, and giving back to the community.

Part of being an ethical leader is addressing mistakes that do happen through accountability which in turn enhances the respect of not only the company but that of all stakeholders and the community If so, how. If not, why not. Leadership and ethics are in the spotlight now a day. This book takes an interdisciplinary approach to leadership and ethics.

The first part of this book looks at the topic of the shadow side of leadership. This explores the abuse of power and privilege, mismanagement, and inconsistency in her leadership. Part two, looking inward examines the role of character development and the nature of evil, forgiveness, and spirituality. Part three looks at the ethical decision-making processes and provides theories and tactics This paper will attempt to provide an academic opinion related to the problem investigated.

The evidence of correlation between these qualities will be generated from my own personal experience and perspective as well as the viewpoints of multiple business experts. Leadership To guide, direct and manage people with an inspired purpose and vision is a workable definition of business leadership Term Papers words 6.

Introduction Leaders must possess and demonstrate trustworthy and ethical behaviors in order to perform effectively in a more socially responsible and global business environment Jennings, Without an established trust relationship a leader is unable to be effective. The problem to be investigated is the value of trustworthiness and ethical stewardship in the construct of the organizational leadership model. This paper shall explore the co-functions of trust and ethical stewardship and its impact on leadership effectiveness The researchers are interested in the relationship between the ethical leadership, employee well-being, and helping.

Well-being is a combination of arousal and pleasure and illustrates an affective state Warr, The abstract emphasizes that the firm should maintain a high level of ethics. The ethical culture does not happen to occur on its own. Integrity is going forward believing that our prospective is correct and doing right for the organisation. Commitment and passion is known as being dedicated for an activity or showing loyalty, responsibility to the respective work.

A good communication is required for a leader like discussing with the followers, manager regarding the work in order to discuss the issues or errors that occur and communicating with the team members respecting and listening their ideas and values is the major thing for a leader in becoming the ethical leader. A decision making capability shows a huge impact on focusing organizational improvement.

Behaviors like building trust, acting with integrity, inspiring others, encouraging innovative thinking, coaching people, rewarding achievement are the things a leader must do in order to achieve or grow as an ethical leader Charter for Compassion, n. Ethical leader plays an important role in achieving the goals. To become an ethical leader efforts like energy, passion, physical stamina, knowledge, judgment, self-confidence, enthusiasm, education, interpersonal skills, sociability, cooperativeness, mobility are the things which leads to become an ethical leader.

Lambon College, Code of Ethics. Code of ethics is to develop, establish and maintain standards of professional ethics for members of the profession. Code of ethics in pharmacy should be applied for focusing on the well-being and best interest of the patient, providing the relevant and sufficient information for the patients, providing appropriate therapy for the patients, respecting the autonomy and dignity of the patient, providing primary care for the patient safety.

Ontario College of Pharmacists, n. So, these are some steps that comes under effect with the code of ethics. Every leader cannot become an ethical leader there are certain circumstances to achieve or becoming an ethical leader. References Bartleby writing. Personal Values and Ethics Essay.