Making money with amazon affiliate program

It means if the broader category of your blog is Gadget and your affiliate product is mobile phones then you should write only about mobile phones.

21 Approaches to Make Cash with Amazon Affiliate Program

Do not write about other gadgets like tablets or laptops. In fact, you could even narrow down at write only about smartphones and not about other mobile phones. For selling products I have avoided paid method because it is beyond a rich of a new affiliate marketer. You should try above mentioned medium only. One more thing that I do not like is for payment there is no direct deposit hence you have to get it through checks. Amazon affiliate network is a great opportunity for Indian affiliate marketers to make money. Other top networks like eBay still do not have an affiliate program for Indian marketers.

So for now you could make best use of this network if you have failed with foreign networks like Commission Junction or Clickbank. I have a very good Marketing background that is great for me to be here!

How to Make Money from the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program in 12222

Please provide me side which i can take part time work of data entry or accounts or book writting from home Hyderabad. Please provide me side which i can take part time work of data entry or accounts or book writting from home Delhi. Priya madam, As you stated, Getting affiliate links is very easy due to availability of complete procedure. In affiliate network they release the payment quarterly, that means due payments done only after three months. For beginners and new comers it may be difficult. For those receiving a good number of visitors daily and selling products regularly, it may mean nothing.

Amazon is also ready to increase commission if selling products regularly. Amazon themselves state that the quickest and easiest way to create an affiliate link to any page on Amazon is to use their solution called SiteStripe. This is certainly your ONLY option until you meet the accreditation criteria. The most basic Amazon Affiliate link generator is called the Product Links tool. The Product Links tool lets you link to a specific product on Amazon. It lets you build text links, text and image links and image only links to products that are hosted on Amazon.

If you use SiteStripe, it will appear at the top of every Amazon page when you are logged into Amazon. Always use the full link. When you have gained access to the Amazon PA-API you can use a plugin, such as EasyAzon, which allows you to easily add text, images and adverts to your site. Whether you use EasyAzon or the Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin or any others, you can use them to easily add Amazon Affiliate links to your blog.

The challenge with Amazon affiliates comes when you have readers from multiple geographies. If you have created a link on Amazon US and a reader from Germany clicks on it, they will unless you deal with it as I discuss below be taken to Amazon US. One of two things will then happen. There are 2 simple ways in which you can earn revenues from that German reader example.

The concept is called geo-redirection. Amazon OneLink is a free script provided by Amazon to link your affiliate accounts together. It is a one-time setup. It also automatically redirects your reader to their correct Amazon country site AND includes your affiliate ID details. Amazon OneLink is free and you can read more about it here. OneLink also does not allow you to specify where the link should go on other Amazons if the product is not available in that territory.

A plugin, like EasyAzon, will do this. The second major downside of OneLink is that it only redirects the text links. You can also easily add text, images and adverts to your site. How you can make, good, consistent income from Amazon Affiliates in You WILL make money from Amazon Affiliates in if you understand and focus on your target audience and how you can help them. Just signing up and sticking an Amazon affiliate link on every post on your blog will not give you success. Sure you may get a few sales here and there, but is that the success that you really, really want?

I have always been very clear that my goal was to earn enough money to support my family and earn it in a way that allowed us to work less and have flexibility in our lives.

The Ultimate Guide to The Amazon Associates Program

Do you know who your audience are? What it is that they take away from it?

Ask yourself these important questions:. If you do not have traffic and never have had traffic from the UK for instance , then you need to be brutally honest with yourself.

Is that going to change? You can have an amazing site and awesome revenues from a single Amazon affiliate territory see how my authority site is generating revenues from Amazon Australia. You should consider their drivers, and what they have buying intent for in EACH post that you make. Your reader could buy eye shades, expensive noise cancelling headphone, a pillow and a fabulous fleecy blanket. Amazon affiliate links might be better situated in a product review or a buying guide. Or where to get a cold beer in Kathmandu. Whereas if they come to your site to read a product review about particular headphones then there is a great chance they are already considering buying these headphones and links to Amazon in your review are likely to get clicks and sales.

If you already have affiliate links in your posts, you can check out which ones are being clicked on by running reports in Google Analytics. Analysing how you spend your time in your blogging business is as important as looking at where your income comes from. You really need to spend your time wisely.

And I teach you what NOT to do. Likewise, there are plenty of successful Amazon affiliates out there, but very few of them have launched their own products. This is especially true if you already have media. People have started to realize this , but, because building authority sites is pretty tough, not many have actually done it. Maybe, maybe not. It also means that if you want to use Amazon Associates as one of your primary revenue streams, your niche selection might be a bit limited. The point here is mostly just this: Amazon may not be the best affiliate program for every niche. Signing up is pretty much a straightforward process.

Pros of Becoming an Amazon Associate

You will have to fill up a few simple forms and provide basic information, such as how are you going to promote the products and on what site. For whatever reason, people get this error and the workaround is that you simply download one of those apps that give you a free number and then change it in your settings.

Be sure to read the rules. As of today, Amazon p olicies is 13, words document. You should be set up at the right there. Then you will have your application reviewed as well as the websites you will use to promote the links. Otherwise, you might get rejected.

We have written an extensive piece on building a credible first site. There are tons of ways to promote Amazon products as an affiliate. People promote products directly on social media. People do it with YouTube channels. You get the idea. There are hundreds of ways to do it.

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However, when it comes to promoting products by blogging, not all content is created equal. Grouping the links up top creates a highly clickable piece of estate, and the value of the research-backed reviews actually helps people make a decision. Traditional roundups typically start with a short introduction and then include a group of affiliate links. People like to use tables here, so they can include product information and because the hivemind tells them to.

They usually look like this:. So do this with caution. That said, a common misconception amongst Amazon affiliates is that tables are somehow necessary. They are not. Bullet lists have the added benefit of being extremely easy to outsource. Most of the time, though, affiliates still prefer tables. For traditional roundups, this section is meant to be a buying guide. The idea is to provide as much well-researched information as possible about how to make the best buying decision. This could include features to look out for, safety concerns, lifestyle considerations, recalls, product categories, etc.

It typically does NOT discuss specific product information, which is usually saved for the last section. The last section of a traditional roundup talks specifically about individual products. It digs into the specific features of the products recommended in the l ink group. This section should NOT simply rehash product information found on Amazon. It should instead use that information to tell readers why you are recommending it. In traditional roundups, there are typically mini reviews. They tend to look something like this:.

This is from one of our favorite Amazon affiliate sites, runnerclick. They do a great job of putting together solid listicles, like this one. If they did not link to full reviews of some or, in many cases, all of the products in the list , this could very easily feel like an empty post, which brings me to…. Write a good, unique blurb and maybe add a little analysis for each. I like to think of it as a detailed single product review disguised as a product roundup which you would do, of course, because those roundup keywords can be so profitable.

The Wirecutter does it a lot. Pretty straightforward here. In other words, reviewing a single product can usually give people the last bit of information they need to pull the trigger on a purchase. That helps conversions a lot. Content that explains how to do something, how to make something, how to solve a problem, how to do something better, and so on can be a great way to promote products. Usually, they work because people are either excited to do that thing in the case of, say, a DIY tutorial , or they want a problem to go away right now in the case of, say, a blog post about how to treat back pain.

Products can be part of that solution. And in the article, we mention that a good way to start doing this is to buy a juicer, and we recommend a good one. Often, when people are on the verge of buying a product, they are left with 2 or more alternatives. Vs type posts should focus mostly on user intents and goals and highlight how each product fulfills that duty. After you have listed those goals and declared a winner in each of them, you can either declare a clear winner OR give the contexts in which each product wins. There are a few different ways you can do it, and there are a few supplemental tools Amazon provides to make it easier and a bit more profitable.

A light box will popup that has your full Amazon affiliate link, which you can either copy and paste or shorten. The site stripe is a tool that allows you grab a link from any product page on Amazon store. When you get there, the site stripe should appear as a bar-style widget at the top of the page. The text option will give you a raw URL. You can opt for either a full or shortened link, and you can also select which store ID and tracking ID to apply to the link. While the shortened links may feel cleaner, I recommend you always opt for the full link on your site.

Publisher Studio is a Chrome and Firefox extension that integrates with the backend of the major blogging platforms as well as a couple of big social media platforms:. Click Add to Chrome. For blogging, we recommend WordPress exclusively, so our examples will cover only that platform if you use a different platform, however, it should be relatively easy to figure out and very similar to the process below.

Next, head back to Publisher Studio in the Amazon Associates backend, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your JavaScript snippet. Now, we want to put the code on our site. By far the easiest way to do this is to just slap it in a simple footer widget. Open the text widget and change the editor you find there to Text. In the Text editor of your text widget, paste the JavaScript snippet you copied from the Publisher Studio.

Click Save. This should activate Publisher Studio across your site. To use it, you need to go into a post editor. Publisher Studio says you can only use it on live posts, but it also works on WordPress drafts, so what I like to do is just start a post and save it as a draft. When you find one you like, click Add Link.

You have to have ad blockers disabled on your site for Publisher Studio to work. You can also pull all the important information, such as product names, descriptions, prices and preview images, directly from Amazon without having to do that manually. However, this plug-in is still pretty much in beta and the reviews are not so great. We expect the subsequent updates will fix a lot of those bugs and it will become much more reliable.

It allows you to redirect people from the UK and Canada to the Amazon stores in their respective countries, so they can actually buy the products. Click Click here to link under Link your accounts or just click here. Next, navigate back to the Getting Started section and click through to the oneTag page or just click here.

After this, you should be good to go, and you can view your OneLink reports in the regular reporting section. Obviously, this is a feature for advanced users, but should be paid attention to as you progress on your Amazon Associates journey. You can promote the page in your bio or social media posts and direct people straight there. They change frequently, and they are very dense. Amazon is also not very helpful when it comes to helping their affiliates make sense of all the legalese therein. I want to make it absolutely clear that this is my own interpretation and does not constitute legal advice.

If you have any questions about it, ask their support or hire a lawyer to give it a read. This also is not a good substitute for reading the ToS yourself.

Go read it. Use this to help you understand. You have to clearly identify yourself as an Amazon associate. They actually give you a sentence you need to copy and paste directly onto your site:. You can theoretically put it anywhere. Most folks put it on an affiliate disclosure page, but I just slap it in my footer most of the time.

The language around images is actually pretty confusing. However, people have been warned about it, and their support consistently agrees: you cannot download images from Amazon. So, the best way to do it is just to use the site stripe see the section on technical linking above. This is another one that might seem to contract some of the language in the ToS when read in isolation. They can only go directly on an approved website. Lots of affiliates include vague, symbolic, ballpark price estimates in product tables e. You based on the same section of the ToS highlighted in this section, you should also avoid using any language that might be in any way misleading in your CTAs.

Amazon views your social media channels as part of your digital property, and they recognize that not all affiliates are bloggers. So, they allow you to share links on major social channels. The catch is that you need to make sure to add them to your approved website list. When Amazon reviews your site, they may also look if you comply with all the industry standard requirements such as GDPR.

Amazon has a rather annoying problem of their lower-level support associates sometimes contradicting both each other and the ToS. Then, Mark sent to Amazon which included screenshots of analytics, some explanatory steps and even a full video screencast. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We appreciate your cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued participation in the Associates Program. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

The following is a real story about Authority Hacker Pro member Winston Cruz who got banned from the Amazon associates. Following some fixes which I coached him through, he successfully had his account reinstated. It took Winston less than a week to get unbanned. Amazon initially sent Winston a warning email. This could all have been avoided had the first email come through properly.

The good news is that as of , Amazon seems to be giving some warning when you are in breach of their operating agreement. In the past they have often banned affiliates with no warning at all. Not long afterwards, Amazon banned him:. Under the terms of the Operating Agreement, we may terminate your account at any time, with or without cause.

This decision is final and not subject to appeal. It is important that you immediately remove all Amazon Content from your Site s. Please be aware that any other Associates accounts you have, or may open in the future, may be closed without payment of any fees. Amazon reserves all other rights and claims. Because you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement, Amazon will not pay you any outstanding advertising fees related to your account. Please be aware that any other accounts you have, or may open in the future, may be closed without payment of any fees.

Note the main reason at the top which indicates inaccurate claims about pricing. From the language of the email, it would initially appear that there is no recourse and it may not be appealed.